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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre is Bangalore's leading, and most reputed, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery practice. We are located right in the heart of downtown Bangalore and our plastic surgery facilities are easily accessible from various locations in Bangalore.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre in Bangalore was established in the year 2005 as a Centre of Excellence for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in south India. Staffed by some of the most qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in India, and equipped with advanced surgical and anaesthesia equipments, we offer all varieties of cosmetic surgery procedures in the city of Bangalore.

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We are the leading plastic and cosmetic surgery centre in Bangalore and we are committed to bringing you a world-class cosmetic surgery experience. Find out more about us here.


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre offers cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at our facilities in Bangalore. You can read more about the various cosmetic surgery procedures we perform here.


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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre
Wellington Park, Wellington Street
Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025
Cell: 98800-01434
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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre, Bangalore